How To Pay Your ShopBox Invoices Online Using Scotiabank :


At ShopBox, we're doing everything we can to make your online shopping experience as rewarding as possible. As part of our efforts, we've provided the following to help guide you in your online experience.


1. Proceed to and click on sign in:





2. Input your ScotiaCard number and password to complete the sign in process:




3. Click on the Transfer to Others tab, under the accounts summary section:




4. Proceed to click on the add recipient icon:




5. Select and input the following requirements:

For recipient type select : Business

Recipient's bank: Scotiabank

Name: BMCO Group Inc

Select branch name: CASTRIES ST. LUCIA - 60475

Account number : 002004284

Account currency: XCD

Then click on the next tab to proceed to the next screen.




6. Click on the confirm button on complete the adding recipient process:




7. Return to the account summary section and click on the transfer to others tab, then select BMCO Group Inc and

click the next button:




8. Select the account from which you are making the payment and input the amount which you are paying

then click the next button:



9. Review that all the information is correct, then click on the transfer button.



10. You should recieve a notice confirming the successful transfer to our account.


Please note that ShopBox is not liable for payments or transfer sent to the wrong Scotiabank account.