How To Submit Your Amazon Invoices:


At ShopBox, we're doing everything we can to make your online shopping experience as rewarding as possible. As part of our efforts, we've provided the following to help guide you in your online experience.


1. Proceed to and log into your Amazon account:




2. Proceed to view your account orders:



3. Browse to the order for which you would like to submit an invoice, and click on the invoice tab:



4. On invoice click & hold the left mouse button and drag downwards to the bottom of the invoice,

to select its contents. Alternately press CRTL + A on your keyboard, then right click and

then click copy, in order to copy the invoice contents.



5. Proceed to your email account and compose an email addressed to ,

then right click within the body of the email and click on paste.

Alternatively, press CTRL - V on your keyboard.



6. Also to select the tracking number of the order of which you are submitting the invoice, as this

will be used as the subject of the email submission. Click on the track package button:



7. Under shipment details click on tracking number, right click and click copy:



8. Paste the tracking number in the subject line of the email:



9. Hit send to submit the invoice to ShopBox.